Whether you are looking for a fascinating hands-on adventure into the world of reptiles through our programs and events or wanting to purchase an exceptional quality ball python, you are at the right place.

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    Brian Gundy

    Brian has been an animal enthusiast his entire life, owning pets such as mice, rats, hamsters, cockatiels, pigeons, doves, hawks, owls and snakes.

    He was a vet technician for a local pet hosptial for 9 years, working with African lions, cheetahs, wolves, otters, along with dogs and cats.

    Brian's passion for animals has led him into teaching others about reptiles. Over the past 25 years Brian has wowed his audiences with his unique reptile programs throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

    Brian also breeds and sells investment quality ball pythons. What started as a hobby evolved into a successful business of providing his customers with selectively bred ball pythons. See Available Pythons for more information.

    We invite you to check out Brian's YouTube Channel with over 700 videos, along with his Yelp reviews. See links below.